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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pets At Home Haul and Reviews

Unfortunately I had to run down to Pets At Home in ghastly British weather because one of their water bottles broke - and since I lack discipline I ended up coming home with more then what I had set out for.

Nobbly Gnawer
This is the Pets At Home brand one, suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and ferrets and made out of 100% natural wood and pet safe vegetable dye. Although it's not marketed for birds I don't see why it isn't suitable for them, and at 99p I just couldn't help myself. They come in two gorgeous colours, hot pink and a deep shiny blue.

I already have two but I wanted another two for their travel cage so I can recommend this, it's good value and my birds have found the grooves on it quite interesting. BUT it only comes in one size, so it wouldn't be suitable for anything bigger then a cockatiel and beware of voracious wood chewers - the wood is quite soft. Then again half the joy is seeing them destroy their toys.  

Christmas Willow decoration
 This too is a Pets At Home brand and retailed at £1 and this too was a small animal toy rather then a bird toy - these will be given to them at Christmas so I'll do a review of how it goes.

Sun Fun Chips Granola Bar
This is by Quiko and was £1.99. It's really quite BIG, 71g, which doesn't sound like a lot but it's several meals to a tiny tiel, so I will be busting it up and giving it to them. It does come with a fastener though, so those of you with loads of birds can just hang it up directly.

Will do a review post on this.

Ingredients of Quiko's Granola Bar 

Seed and Water Feeder (for Vertical Bars)
This is by Happy Pet ... I bought one of these before, except in yellow and I would not have bought them again if they had had something else. These are awful, they leak everywhere, crack easily and run out of water so quickly that I have to put in a food bowl full of water to make sure the birds don't dehydrate while I'm out. And for £2.79 I could have found much better on the internet. Oh well, they just got to last me until I can go shopping online.

How they look

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