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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Smackers Fruit Cockatiel Weekender Bar

There is good news and bad news ... The good news first - the bird brains have a £103 worth of treats, toys and food! The bad news? My credit card hates loves me.

It is a big haul and of course I want to cover it in detail - well, as much as possible, so it's probably going to take me some time - so please hang in there Reader.

I bought it from Scarletts Parrot Essentials for £1.00 for a 45g bar that according to the picture contains wheat, millet, some kind of red flower, a grass of some kind, coconut, apple, nectarine, strawberry, orange, cranberry and more. The ingredients list isn't all that great, it just gives you a percentage (grains 32%, bakery products 23%, etc) which I hate as you can't tell whether there is peanut in it without opening it up but there doesn't seem to be any there.

How beautiful does that look!

As usual I was skeptical, especially when I saw how colourful it was and no info on how such fantastic colours were achieved - but ...

They loved it ... It was all gone in less than 2 hours and then they flew down to the floor to eat the ones that had fallen. I guess the proof really is in the pudding!

So I will have to give in every now and then and buy them some of these.

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